Mens Signet Ring

by vicki

I purchased this signet ring about 25 years ago at a flea market in Germany. The only markings are three numbers either beginning or ending in 8 (eg. 8** or **8). I recently took it to a jeweler and he said he thought it was gold filled not solid gold, but was antique. Is there anything else you could possibly tell me about it? Thank you.

Signet rings are collectible. We have collectors on Antique Jewelry Investor that regularly browse these forums searching for old signet rings to buy.

I particularly like the ornate shoulders of your signet ring that you discovered in a german flea-market. This is what we love about our antique jewelry, you never know where you will find a treasure!

With many of these old finger rings, the numbers and marks and monograms have disappeared over time.

In the history of finger rings, the first finger, often carried a signet ring, now seldom used. It was also not uncommon for these rings to be worn on the upper joints. Gold, silver and bronze account for the greater number. Iron and lead finger rings are rare.

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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