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Beautiful Pearls From Mexico
by: Yvonne


grandma certainly had an eye for pearls, didn't she... these pearls look really beautiful! One of the most important qualities, pearl graders look for is "ORIENT" and these pearls, although cultured, certainly appear to have an intense orient, in this photo.

Natural pearls are loved for this quality. There is a soft glow from within the pearl. Look at a full moon, and you'll start to get what I mean.

Who is the mother of this pearl? One possible pearl oyster, is the rainbow-lipped pearl oyster - called the Pteria-sterna whose habitat ranges from the easter Pacific side of Baja california (MEXICO) inside the Gulf of California (also known as the Sea of Cortez) right down to Peru.

Fisheries in the above areas, gave abundant supplies of Naturally colored pearls , from light grey to dark purple, with intermediate tones of pink, gold, and green.

I believe Very fine pearls are now produced in the Perlas del Mar de Cortez farm.

Back to your pearls Joy, are they graduated pearls? Can you measure their size? Are they boxed? You mention they haven't been worn for over 20 years. You should have them appraised.

Best Wishes,


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