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value of Mikimoto pearl set
by: Dianne

I have a set of Mikimoto pearls that my Mother purchased in Hong Kong from Lane Crawford many years ago. The set includes a double strand necklace approximately 14 inches long with a white gold or silver clasp which has 7 jewels, probably 3 small rubies, 3 small sapphires with a small emerald in the center. There is also a double strand bracelet with the same type of clasp. There is a set of earrings with screw backs, which has 2 pearls one below the other.
Could you please give me an idea of the value of this set which is in the original cloth case.
Thank you.

Cultured Pearls
by: Anonymous

Hi Wendee you can find lots of information about Mikimoto pearls here.

Dense, lustrouse concretions formed within the shell of certian molluscs are so valuable they are classified with PRECIOUS STONES.

Kokichi Mikimoto, was the first person to succcessfully MARKET cultured pearls in the early 1900s. He had a huge task. To try to convince the public that CULTURED Pearls were as beautiful as Natural pearls. He succeeded.

Lane Crawford, where your gorgeous 4 strand pearl necklace was originally purchased is in perfect keeping with the Mikimoto Pearl story. Lane Crawford is a famous department store in Hong Kong that specialize in luxury goods. The original Lane Crawford flagship store was located on Des Voeux Road in Central Hong Kong and moved in 2004 to the IFC Mall in the International Finance Centre. In keeping with the company's image of Mikimoto Pearls.

The first Mikimoto pearl store was founded in Tokyo's Ginza district in 1906 and this store moved to a two storey Western Style building made of stone - and you guessed it. The stones used in the buidling were - White.

In that Mikimoto pearl store, stylish young men wearing finely tailored high-collared, three piece suits, waited on customers.
Mikimoto put as much effort into selecting the personal and decorating the showcases for his pearls as he did to perfecting the cultured pearl process itself.

Mikimoto pearls are the finest cultured pearls on the market because of their strict adherence to the GRADING of their cultured Pearls.

Thanks for writing in...

Yvonne Hamouda-Eyre

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