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Selling Mikimoto Platinum Pearl Necklace & Earrings
by: Anonymous

Hi Tom

matching Mikimoto vintage sets are rare, classy, timeless and consquently valuable. They never go out o fashion! Platinum is the most expensive of the precious metals which adds even more value and desirability. The strength of Platinum against the gentleness of pearls I find irrestistable.

For selling purposes, you will need to know how many pearls in the strand, and the diameter of the pearls.

Are the earrings elaborate design?
Concerning the clasp on the Necklace, not all clasps are created equal. Some are elaborate and set with diamonds and smaller pearls, but the Mikimoto clasp will always be engraved with the Mikimoto trademark, which is an outline of an oyster with the letter M inside. Only Mikimoto uses this hallmark. No other marks have been used.

Tom photos would be necessary before I could give you any indication of their value.

I would be interested in working with you to find a buyer for your Mikimoto necklace set if you should wish to devest. Contact me and select the 'Private Seliing' Option from the drop down menu. Kind Regards.


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