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by: Anonymous

Thanks Jan, It is a gold ring and it fits my finger perfect, she had small hands. I am just crurious as to where it may have been made, they married in Georgia.

14K Gold | Karat Information
by: Jan Noack


The term KARAT refers to the fineness of the gold. Gold is mixed with other metals to give it strength as 24K gold (pure gold) is too soft.

14K, 14ct or 585 (parts per 1000) or 58.5% gold, the rest is made up of other metals. It is used in Asia. It was common in USA gold. In the UK 15ct was common until 1935.

The other metals to make uip the remaining 41.5% used included copper and silver. The other metals used determine the colour of the ring. (yellow gold, sovereign gold (copper added to 22ct gold), white gold, rose gold.)

I don't know what the S refers to.

Perhaps it means the other metal in the composition of the ring was silver and it is just a code that jeweller used for this?
Someone else may know this.

It could be a size if your grandmother had an very thick finger for a lady of her time, but I doubt it. If a large ring, have a look at a ring size chart and see if the inside diameter is about he same as an S ring.

The 14K usually refers to the gold content of the whole ring. Most wedding rings of that era were solid gold.

But it is possible it could refer to the plating on the outside of the ring. These were usually labelled with an EP (electroplated) RGP (rolled gold plated), GP (gold plated) or gold layered over silver. Sorry I can't tell if the S may mean gold over silver, but again I doubt it.

Another possibility is a year mark that, again, may be just a code that particular jeweller used. I do not know if year marks were practised in the US. (which is where , I suspect this ring was made)

Hope this helps,

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