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Freshwater Pearl are the Dyed Pearl Queens
by: Anonymous

Chinese freshwater cultured pearls are the dyed pearl painted queen of pearls.Their striking artificial colors have been seen (you have to notice these pearls) on the market since the nineteen eighties. In addition to yellow, there are red, pink, orange, brown, blue, green, purple and lilac.

Intensely blue, green, yellow, pink, red and purple nearly ROUND Pearls, no doubt dyed with chemical agents, have been seen at international trade shows since the late nineteen nineties. No detailed information is available as to the methods used which I find a bit "iffy" considering the dyes are chemicals and how do we know they are not toxic?

There seems to be no disclosure on what dyes are used to color certain pearls that we wear around our necks!?

Dyed Pink Pearls
by: Anonymous

Take comfort - Japan have spent years and millions of dollars perfecting there dying process. Nearly all the pearls in Japan are dyed with a coloring agent after the bleaching process, to produce a pink overtone. The color is hardly noticeable and can be compared to a cosmetic treatment. The method was already applied before WWII when eosin a vegetable dye was used. The process can take up to 2 months and the pearls are usually heated slightly as well. Coloring agents like cobalt salts are used now but the information is kept a big secret.

Dyes and Pearls
by: Yvonne

The outer coating of a pearl is made of an organic substance called narca.

The red colour the pearl has absorbed is a chemical red dye and In short, DYE is a coloured, ionising, organic compound.

Personally speaking I would not be wearing the red necklace again and thank the pearl for the wake-up call.

Sometimes we think of dyes as something other than ordinary chemicals, but the same rules that apply to sodium chloride, acetic acid, benzidine and a host of other chemicals also applies to dyes. This includes the possibility that they are toxic. They may be carcinogenic or mutagenic, or harmful to your health in some other way.

This is why we stress pearl jewelry should always be stored away from all other types of jewelry and never near anything dyed. This rule also applies to organic coral jewelry, like rare angel skin coral beads which are also made from a chemically similiar substance to that of pearl.

There is nothing I know of that can remove the dye that's now been absorded into the pearl.

A moist (not soaking wet) fluffy terry towelling cloth is probably the best care instrument for pearls.

Best Regards
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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