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by: Anonymous

Try searching the site using search term - Chow - I found it this way.

Formula for chow
by: Anonymous

What is the formula for chow? Like I mean to ask that 1gram= 1000 Milligrams, but how does the calculation of chow comes as carat×carat×.652? Theory behind chow

Standard Weight
by: Yvonne

Im not sure if you can do it that way - the weight is standard for the equation

For how much did you sell your Natural Pearls? - if you don't mind my asking. Did it take long to get your Pearls identified with GIA?

Best Regards

Re: chav
by: Anonymous

I've already gotten a GIA cert and in fact sold the strand. I just wanted to know how to calculate chav from millimeters, not carats. Thanks.

Chou calculations
by: Anonymous

I'm wondering if you get a strand of natural pearls ranging from 3.75 to 8.32 with a total of 75 pearls. How do you calculate the chou? Does 78 chou sound like a reasonable number?

$100 per chow is ok for starters....
by: Yvonne


we say Chov over here not Chav :-) I have put your question to some of the world's top pearl experts...

Tom Stern, MD says,

I recently purchased 40 old pearls in China, I judge them to be approximately 1780. The biggest is about 14 carats, and the surfaces of most have peeling areas that show inner layers. While this can sometimes be corrected by a "pearl doctor" there is no certainty how deep you must go or whether there is any nice pearl inside. Because the dealer in China did not know the potential value of the pearls, I got them for less than $20,000.

Chow: here is the formula carat weight x carat weight x 0.6518,

Example for a 4 carat pearl 4 x 4= 16, x 0.6518 = 10.428 chow.

The international price per chow depends on many factors, but $100 per chow is ok for starters.

Hope this helps you. If you want to post photos, that would help. I would immediately take the biggest pearl and xray it. Back light the xray, photograph it, and post that as well. Then we can help you be sure there is no bead inside of a pearl distressed to make it seem old.

On the 50 carat one, send me a photo and your asking price.

Tom Stern, MD

Natural pearls or Cultured pearls?
by: Yvonne

Natural pearls, are formed without any intervention from man, they are completely natural, all nacre, if you ex-ray these types of pearls there is no starter bead visible, so we can not work out what you mean when you say that In most of the pearls the outer skin is punctured and another pearl from inner lining is clearly visible giving it a shape of an eye? Please could you explain more about this type of pearl and also if you could up load a photo in a follow-up submission.

Is the other pearl puncturing the skin the starter bead?

best regards
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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