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mark pm 70 - pearl earrings
by: BSB

Hi! I too have drop pearl earrings, clear stones set in white metal stamped with 'pm 70'. What does this mark mean please?

Genuine - Real - Pearls
by: Anonymous

Hi Tg
You will have the pearls
examined by someone
knowledge of pearls,
which doesn't necessarily mean a jeweler ;-)

One big clue can often be found around the drill hole.
Genuine pearls of good quality are drilled
from both ends to meet in the centre of the pearl.
This means the drill hole on either side of the
Pearl will be smooth with no evidence
Of peeling or flaking.
Another pearl identification tool
Often overlooked is the eye test.
at your pearls -
Are they smooth and round, well matched for size and color?
Are your pearls lustrous, do they "twink" at you when you roll
them between your fingers?

Genuine pearls which
include cultured pearls and rare natural pearls, the latter of which has a
thicker, surface deposit of nacreous layers.
Don't forget that vintage pearls will need re-threading
and experienced pearl threaders can
provide a wealth of information.

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