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The Price of Natural Pearls
by: Anonymous

I have a single strand of natural pearls that were handed down to me by my mother and have been trying to get an idea about the price of natural pearls. You can't imagine how difficult this has been. Nearly as hard as diving for pearls, Thank you Antique Jewelry Investor and Tom Stern!


current wholesale market
by: Tom

The value depends upon the shape, luster, and color matching. They are small, and the current wholesale market value would probably go something like this:

AAA luster and mostly nice round $15,000 or less US
A Luster with some off rounds $6,000 US
B Luster with many out of round $3,000 US

Best of luck,
Tom Stern,MD
Member, Dubai Pearl Exchange

Selling Pearls at Auction House
by: Yvonne

Fred, if the pearls are in good condition an auction house would probably be the best place to sell natural pearls.

Concerning the value of the pearl necklace strand, the auction house would be able to tell you how much they would sell for.

You can contact staff appraisers at Christie's Auction House here.

If you want to research this yourself, you can pay for a $12.00 one-day search at Auction Market Resource to see the value of comparable pearls at auction sales.

Thanks for your submission!
best regards
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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