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by: Anonymous

that's interesting. 1901 was the year Queen Victorian of England, passed away, signifying the close of the Victorian era. The country went into mourning.

Victorian mourning customs can be found in the Jewelry Resources.

Non-Jewelry Items | Marks, Further Info and Values
by: Anonymous

Hi Dick, thank you for your question. Sounds fascinating. Sorry for the delay in responding, we try to prioritize marks on jewelry questions.

However, the expert would need to see an image of this mark to provide an opinion.

If you are not sure how to upload images, info is provided here.

You will need to type in the name your question box
"Tiny Little John - 1901" so we can assign the images to this question.

If you prefer, cut to the chase, get the info you require and a valuation done at the same time, consider getting an on-line appraisal carried out by the experts. You can use this appraisal form for all non-jewelry antique articles.

Further info and the appraisal form is here.

Regards Pete,

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