Not 100% sure...

by Tanya
(Hillside, IL)

I purchased a 16" strand of cultured pearls today for $70.00. I have worked in jewelry stores for several years and my favorite store carried Mikimoto so I do have a little background with how to identify pearls and to look for quality.

My question is about the box that the pearls came in. One was a Lady's jewelry box and the other was a Cezanne cultured pearls box from Meyer Bros. My question is what else should I look for when trying to make sure that they are genuine? I did check them over pretty well, the clasp was 14k, they were knotted cleanly and I checked the surface by running my tooth lightly against the surface.

I know that Meyer Bros. were known for their costume jewelry, but did they also sell cultured pearls? If so, could you please tell me what else to look for in the future?
Thank you,
Tanya Villarreal

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