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by: steve

Hi there,
If you just have one odd item that you need to have hallmarked it's not necessary to go through the full registration process. It would be crazy to expect you to pay all that money just for one item!

At the london assay office, you can just walk in and they will help you to fill out all the paperwork. It's really easy!

There is a minimum charge of about £10.00 or so.

No hallmark? - have gold tested
by: Anonymous

hi sharon just because there's no gold purity mark, this doesn't mean the metals not gold. it could have been created by a studio jeweler, for instance. if you are not buying jewelry on a regular basis your local jeweler can acid test for you. it shouldn't cost much.

About getting a hallmark, here is info about getting a hallmark at the london assay office.

This sounds stunning, do you have a photo, i'm sure there's some jewelry lovers out there who would be interested in purchasing this piece - a photo says a thousand words.

You can upload a photo in a followup submission or send a photo/s to

best wishes
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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