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Cameo Brooch stamped 226
by: Anonymous

Hi there.
I have come across a cameo brooch and I'm just trying to work out it's hallmarks.
It has 9ct lined 226 stamped on the inside. Can anyone help? It is a yellow gold colour.
Thank you!

Pink Tourmaline w/8 small diamonds ring; white metal stamped 226
by: Lilian

I, too have a ring with that 226 stamping plus the characters "K(white)" ; the words WHITE is in a Chinese character (pak). We were originally from Hong Kong but oddly, i never saw this ring until my mom passed away.

I was going through hard times & went to go pawn it & the people there told me since they did not know what metal it was, they said it was "WORTHLESS"! Would't give me a loan even though the diamonds tested genuine & said they would buy it as a "silver" ring. (I have picture if anyone can validate that the stamping 226 is in fact PLATINUM; is this type similar to those stamped "PT950" or "P950"?) How valuable is it?

Jade Ring also Stamped 226
by: Tasha

I also have a very similar ring. It was my grandmother's from China. Jade main stone with little diamonds. I have done much research and also have found that it is platinum. 226 was the hallmarking of platinum in those days. If you are unsure you can always get the ring tested at any goldsmith. I have work for one and have had mine tested already.

Good luck,

Jade Gemstone Ring
by: Anonymous

Hi Denise

thanks for writing in. Your jade gemstone and diamond ring sounds beautiful. Don't fall for "low balling"; it's a fairly common practice among jewelry stores of lesser repute. Be sure to read the question and the comments and you'll get the "low balling" picture posted in by Wow. Basically, they don't act much interested.

By what you have described the metal sounds like Platinum. Platinum is the hardest and the most expensive metal. It is a silver color with a grayish overcast, it doesn't tarnish like silver and it's heavier and often Plat is used around the diamond setting. Platinum is used for quality pieces.

Good thing you tested the diamonds, now to research the centre stone - the Jade Gemstone.

best wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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