Old Gold Ring - What Does 325 Hallmark Mean?

by Angie

What does the Hallmark 325 mean on an old Gold ring?


Angie, the physical beauty and resistance to corrosion, makes gold the ultimate creative medium. Pure gold is too soft and delicate for use in jewellery, especially for use in a gold wedding ring ring, so pure gold is often combined with other metals for greater strength. Low caratage has its advantages being harder, less malleable and therefore longer wearing than pure gold.

The word Caratage refers to the proportion of pure gold in a piece of jewellery. Caratage is expressed in two ways:

1. 'fineness' which expresses the amount of gold in parts out of 1000;

2. the ‘percentage’ of pure gold

For example, 18 carat gold fineness is expressed as 750 fineness (of 1000) It is the standard international caratage

325 is the gold fineness expressed as 325% gold (to 1000). it is not a common gold standard.

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