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Freemason Jewelry - A Good Investment or As Cold As Any Stone?
by: Yvonne

Good afternoon

Brian- if you are thinking of purchasing Masonic jewelry to wear, and don't happen to be a Mason yourself, I would say, it's a good investment - NOT; wearing Masonic jewelry by a non-Mason is considered impromptu, unconventional, and not in-keeping with proper Masonic etiquette, at least in the eyes of the Craft.

Concerning the marking G - this information is to vague to even make a guesstimate.

This particular genre of jewelry, is collectible, but in relative terms, it has a small and devout following. Concerning re-selling Masonic jewelry, you will have more favorable prospects, selling Masonic regalia and jewelry via an online auction website such as E-Bay or other popular online buy and sell sites such as and others.

All the best, and good luck, whatever you decide!


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