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Testing Metal for Gold
by: Yvonne

If there are NO marks on the jewelry or if the jewelry marks have rubbed away over time like you've described, you will need to test the metal.

There are three ways, commonly used to test the metals used in jewelry.

1. Your local jeweler can test the metal.
2. Digital gold testing equipment. Some models can even detect gold plate.
Acid testing kit- a long time favorite way to test metals and cheaper than most gold testing equipment.

For information on how to test metals that you suspect may be gold filled or gold plate, please see testing metal for gold filled here.

Your second question concerning a faculty or central database of hallmarks, the problem seems to be, there are just so many marks on jewelry, and then there handmade pieces which is another area of jewelry marks of which there is no central data base.

Please check back for updates in the Jewelry Resources.

There is a link to British Hallmarks on this page ***HERE. which you will find very useful, if you are researching jewelry marks on British or European Jewelry.

Read up on the subject. You will find good reference books on identifying marks on jewelry in our library here.

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Thank you for writing n to us...

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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