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Earring JOM
by: Anonymous

About 27 yrs ago while I was in high school I had gotten my ear pierced. I found the gold hoop earring And it has 14kJOM stamp on it too.
I don't know where I bought it from at that time, but I thought it was interesting to find people looking for the same info as I just did. Lol

by: Sher

I have "diamond" or something earrings with JOM 14K c marking on the earring clasp. No pearl on earring. I think it is a maker mark but I cannot find any info either.

Mexican Silver Marks
by: Anonymous

Hi without a photo it's hard to decide whether your piece is Mexican or not. The intaglio marks "980, 960, 940" are usually from the mid 1930's to the mid 1940's. Most work from ca.1950 onwards is stamped "Sterling" or with an incuse "925" stamp, therefore I would assume your piece is from the 1950's. I was not able to find any maker with the initials JMO in the Mexican silver or American database. It could be that it was a local artist. Cheers!

Pearls with mysterious mark JOM
by: Anonymous

I too am looking for the maker of JOM that is stamped on the inside of a .925/1000 sterling silver cigeratte case from around the 50's-60's era with an aztec calender that my grandfather gave my dad. I am guessing the maker must be in Mexico.

Sound Lovely
by: SUE

Hi Adriana

JOM - that is a mystery mark! I had a quick search and couldn't find anything at all. If the clasp is 14k gold it sounds like it might be a good set of pearls however imitations pearls often have a 14 karat gold clasp, for example like Majorica pearls.

Best Wishes


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