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Jewelry Resources
by: Anonymous

Hi Virginia

thanks for writing in. The "M" letter on the clasp that we can see in the image, is not the mark for Mikimoto.

You can see the Mikimoto signature here...

You might like to have a search in the Jewelry Resources under the following link - "US Jewelry Marks 1922 - From the Jeweler's Index 1922 edition". I'm not sure if that particular mark is referenced there or not, but many visitors find the resources really helpful.

best wishes,

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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Peeled Pearls - Could it be the Bead Nucleus?
by: Anonymous

Hi Virginia

how unusual, that only a few of the pearls in the strand seem to have deteriorated or "peeled" to such an extent in relation to the other pearls in the strand.

It looks to me like the layer of nacre has worn down to the actual bead nucleus. Cultured pearls have a bead nucleus. Does it look like a plastic white bead?

The fact the clasp is marked 14k gold - standard gold purity in US, and the pearls are knotted indicates the pearls are good quality. Interesting to know if the pearls that have "peeled" are at the front of the strand.

I know some women develop a habit of rolling the pearls in between their fingers when wearing them. Good luck with the hallmark on clasp.

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