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crown & anchor marks
by: Anonymous

hi Julie thanks for writing in with the following hallmark question:

"could you please tell me what the markings on my ring mean ie:


i was told that my ring has got a victorian stone in it but i can't find anything about it. please could you give me some info on it many thanks"

the ring is UK manufactured 18ct GOLD ca 1798 - 1974.

SH are the maker's mark, you will need to provide more details, what shape or form are the letters in? is there a decimal point between the letters? a photo would help here - you can upload a photo in a follow-up submission. please use the same title, so that we can assign to your original question here. this will save time.

the letter R is the date mark. you can find the date mark by comparing the letter R in the ring with the date letter in the list of birmingham date letters top right of this link.

The victorians used many different stones in their jewelry, not all were natural stones, if you locate the date mark this will give you a time frame within which to research the stone. you would need to have a jeweler physically identify the stone.

best wishes
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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