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Sentimental Lockets & Brooches
by: Gracie

Dear Marga

"Sentimental" love tokens, mementoes and souvenirs were all the rage in the Victorian era in Europe. Lockets were much loved accessories and were made of every conceivable material and often held painted miniatures or (in later years) small photographs as well as locks of hair. To keep the locket private and away from prying eyes lockets were sometimes worn under clothing. The locket hidden behind the reverse of this beautiful brooch in this way, is a typical example of this sweet early victorian sentimentality. Gracie

Antique Rose Cut Diamond Brooch
by: Anonymous

Hi Marga

lovely to have you back! Yes, indeed this brooch seems to be of the same maker and just as exquisite. Can you tell if the metal on which the mark appears is gold or silver? What is the actual size of the brooch and the diameter of the compartment?

Before the advent of photography a locket compartment might be used as a place to keep a lock of hair.

Is it possible Marga, to see a good clear close-up of the mark and another image of the reverse so that we can see the actual pin finding? I would like to research this piece further. In a follow-up submission type in the name your question box "Marga Follow-up".

I agree, there's just something about Rose-Cut Diamonds, isn't there. Perhaps because each is as individual as a snowflake, reflecting the light in a way that only it can, it is so easy to fall in love with antique rose-cut diamonds...

best wishes,

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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