Pocketwatch Case Hallmarks and Maker's Marks - Austro-Hungarian?

by Steve
(US West Coast)

I recently acquired an antique pocketwatch (Swiss movement), with a gold or gold-filled case whose markings I have not been able to identify. The case stem has a three-element stamped/punched mark that appears by loupe to be the letter "A", followed by the letters "A" and "V" superimposed/intertwined, and an asterisk "*" or similar (maybe "X" and "I" superimposed/intertwined).

The case lids are each weakly marked on the inside surface with what appears to be a fancy, art nouveau "E", about 1 cm high. The dustcover of the case is also engraved with this same letter, but being held by a woman who is flanked by griffins. This dustcover is also engraved in a fashion typical of Swiss pocketwatches - several different medals/awards and French cursive script denoting the number of jewels, etc.

Can anyone help me identify the maker of the pocketwatch case? Can anyone help me identify the case material?

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