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WWW in a Circle?
by: Pete

Greetings Rabago,

you can cast anchor with us on Antique Jewelry Investor anytime you like, even without an image :-) although we do prefer to see images of the marks. It's a bit like a raffle - without the benefit of images. Just wondering Rabago, is the Ruby a Natural Ruby or a synthetic?

About the Jewelry marks and the first letter R - are you sure the R mark is not the carat designation? i.e is it a K ? Is there a number or numbers before this first letter? Make sure the impressions have been cleaned, it can make a big difference. Have a look at the marks,again, under magnification in good light.

There are a few Jewelry makers with initials WWW and one in particular, manufacturing Jewelers, Buffalo, NY, USA - specializing in rings in the early 1900s.


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