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Natural, Freshwater or Imitation Pearls
by: Anonymous

Good Evening Mrs A. Giles Knopp

These pearl earrings sound so beautiful with the chrysanthemum style top. In the language of flowers, "mums" are the birth flower for November.

First we need to determine the approximate age of the ear rings, this information will enable us to get a better idea about the type of pearl. Do not rely totally on the seller for this information. Do your own investigating.

You mention the gold ear ring posts. Is the stud threaded? Threaded studs are circa 1890s. Although these types of ear ring findings are still used today, they are smaller and lighter than antique victorian ear ring studs.

If the findings on the ear rings, are threaded studs, indicating Victorian antique ear rings, and we know that Mikimoto only perfected the cultured pearling technique in the early 20th century, and if the pearls are the original pearls in the ear rings, we can safely eliminate the Pearls being Cultured Pearls.

Ok. So now, we need to determine if the Pearls are Freshwater Pearls, Imitation Pearls, or what we would be holding our breadth and hoping for - Rare Natural Pearls.

I'm afraid a photo is necessary to research further:-( Condition is Everything in the Pearl World. For an Expert Appraisal, through Antique Jewelry Investor, photos of the piece (preferably 3) are required. An email address will be provided to send your images AFTER submitting the Expert Appraisal Form.

The Appraisal Form Can be Found HERE

Best Wishes,

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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