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Many Thanks
by: Homer

Thank you so much for answering my question! I hadnt checked back, as I have been out of touch, but will forward pictures to you, Yvonne.

Tiffany & Co Info
by: Anonymous

Hi Homer thank you for writing in with the following question:

"I have what appears to be a brass, two-handled toasting cup?
Trophy? Award for Top Chicken? Its brass with silver art nouveau overlay ornamentation on the bowl & stand, with mother of pearl inlays on the handles. On one side is an image of a hen within a laurel wreath. No inscription to tell what it commemorates. The bottom is stamped Tiffany & Co with the numerals 337 underneath. Any ideas?"

What a fascinating Silver Cup! How interesting, the decorative mother-of-pearl inlay is very much in keeping with the Art Nouveau of the 1890s - pearls, moonstones, opals were preferred over faceted stones. Homer, the problem is there are many variations in the maker's marks by Tiffany & Co., A good book on the subject is by Charles H. Carpenter, "Tiffany Silver".

In 1868 Tiffany began the production of it's own silverware, it became the tradition to mark each piece with the initial of the Artistic Director or President of the firm. This practice continued until the mid-1960's. If you would like me to research further
could you please attach three photos and send to the following email address:

  • One photo should be the actual marks
  • The second that of the entire item, and
  • The third that of a larger area surrounding the mark

    Also any information in relation to the following:

    1. When and how acquired, for example: inherited from grandma 10 years ago when she was in her 80s  OR  purchased at a Flea Market or Auction 6 years ago  OR  picked it up at a Garage Sale from a French family 2 years ago etc

    2. Any related family history that may help in focusing our research to a particular Period or Region.

    3. Any other information you may have already discovered and any other details that will help.

    best wishes
    Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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