Ring with lots to say inscribed

by Virginia

What is the item?

A ring, band, looks like white gold.

Can you please provide all background information?
Do not know any background on this item. Was given to us from great grandmother.

What are the markings?
The center of the band is raised on the inside and is inscribed on both sides of the raised portions in opposite directions. ex- forward and reverse

Where are the markings?

GEORGJVS VI D:G:BR:OMN:REX F:D:IND:IMP. On one side and on the opposite side of the raised middle section of the ring going the opposite direction (looking at it from one side it appears to be backwards but turning the ring over it is not) is as follows a solid 8 point star followed by FLO+RIN (the plus inbetween flo and rin appears to be a cross from like biblico times) followed by another 8 point solid star then some wierd marks I can't make out, could be feathers then 'AUSTRAILIA' WRITTEN UPSIDE DOWN AND BACKWARDS. On the outside of the band is nothing. Just a solid band. Appears to be white gold.

Ive never seen a ring with a raised center piece on the inside of the band like this. Any info on this ring would be greatly appreciated. I tried to get pictures to show the inside of the band but could not get them to come out. Any suggestions for photo taking at angles to show writing would be good also. thank you

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