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Cyrillic - no G?
by: Tara L

Just a comment about Russian. I have studied Russian and the alphabet does in fact have a 'G' equivalent (does the 4th letter of the alphabet, ring any bells?).


"Russian" Ring
by: Anonymous


Thank you for your comments.

No the Z is not cyrillic. I bought the ring on ebay from a Bulgarian seller. The reason I bought that ring was that I wanted to buy something that was cheap first to check whether he was genuine because he had another item that I liked that was alot more expensive. He is selling on ebay - his seller name is russianjewelry1917.

Dubious Origin
by: Yvonne

Paula if it is of Russian origin, although from your description, it's unlikely, the AZ could be a maker's mark but without the benefit of a photo we have no idea whether the mark is cyrillic printed or cursive. If Cyrillic, the Z will look like a No. 3

There are fake Tsarist Russia hallmarks. They come from Poland, Ukraine, Romany, Hungary and other East European countries. Many of these pieces are offered on eBay but they are also being sold in European Markets by Russians and East European sellers.

Russian jewelry is definitely not an area I would recommend for those new to collecting.

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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