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K J Hallmark with an arrow going through it.
by: Barbara Edwards

I also have a lovely gold small engraved pendant with the same hallmark on it. I would dearly love to know more about this hallmark. Can anybody tell me?


We need to see images of the mark. I don't like flying blind :-) Alternatively, you might consider getting a Jewelry Appraisal carried out by the Experts. This way, you will also know its value.

Kind Regards,

Antique Jewelry Investor Support Team

Black Enameling on Continental Pendant
by: Anonymous

Hi thanks for writing in to Antique Jewelry Investor...
OK. It sounds like a very special piece.

Enameling work on Jewelry was executed by Swiss, French and the Russian jewelers alike from the 17th to the 20th century.

Is the black enameling shiny or metallic looking? Niello (nee-EL-oh) is considered a form of enameling even though technically it is not true enameling. Black Niello is easy to distinguish from black enameling because it doesn't have the "sheen" of true enameling and Niello also has more of a metallic look.

If there is a beautiful pattern on the enamel it could be "guilloche" . This method of enameling was used extensively by Carl Faberge. Guilloche was sometimes embellished with painted enamel designs on antique lockets.

See the Imperial Catalogue of Faberge Eggs Here...

We would need to see this mark to provide an opinion. You are welcome to upload an image in a follow-up submission; your patience is appreciated.

Alternatively, you might like to also consider having this item appraised and valued by the experts. The on-line appraisal service can be found here....

best wishes,

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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