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Freemason Marks and the Letter Z
by: Anonymous

Hi Bill,

It appears to be an antique gold ring from your description.
Interesting too that Freemasonry has its roots in Scotland and so in this context it seems more than a coincidence that the Z in a square was the jeweler 's mark used by :

JOHN ZIEGLER (Silver & Gold Smiths, Edinburgh, Scotland UK ) - ca 1790s - 1810s

I've added a link to the encyclopedia of freemasonry part 1 - you might like to delve into researching freemasonry around these years. It might pull up some surprises.

Lots of surprises and secrets in fact to be uncovered in here, who would have ever thought that the "ABORIGINES" were a secret mason society that existed in England around the year 1783. The presiding officer acted as the ORIGINAL and addressed the candidate in the following terms:

Original: Have you faith enough to made an original?
Candidate: I Have

Original: Will you be conformable to all honest rules, which may support steadily the honor, reputation, welfare, dignity, of our undertaking?

Candidate: I will

The ceremony continues and gets all the more intriguing but the point is, the symbol on the band on this band is the freemasons symbol of the compass and the square and the history of freemasonry goes back a very long time.

The mark Z in a square on the band of this gold ring matches the sponsor's mark.

Happy Hunting!
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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