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Can 750 White Gold Tarnish?
by: Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

Good Morning Julia in the UK!

Your Silver Colored Bracelet marked 750 could be made of Gold. The number, 750 is called the standard mark and shows the purity of the precious metal in parts per thousand. Is the number in a background shape Julia?

The background shape shows the metal (gold). So if the 750 is in a background rectangular shape with the corners cut off, like an octagon, with eight sides, shows the bracelet is made of 75% parts of gold by weight to 250 parts of other metals. The item is 75% gold which is equal to 18 karat gold ( 18 parts in 24) which is the traditional way describing gold purity.

CH is probably the sponsor's mark, and shows the person or company responsible for sending the article to the assay office. Traditionally, the mark is called the Maker's mark.

The small letter a could be a date letter, not sure.

Julia, Gold does not "tarnish" as such, (like Silver) however gold will loose its shine, just like other metals, if it gets dirty. White gold jewelry today (in particular rings) might be rhodium plated, which helps to keep it sparkly and shiny looking.

If you would like to get this piece appraised by our wonderful panel of professionals, I would be delighted to supervise your appraisal! The appraisal form can be found HERE

Best Wishes,


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