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Silver Signet? Filligree Bracelet
by: Anonymous

Hello Joze welcome to this forum and thank you for writing in! Your patience in waiting for a reply is commendable. I was thinking, that most likely the reason for the delay is because posters (including myself) cannot see the mark clearly although you seem to have done your best trying to get a close-up shot of this mark but unfortunately it looks as if it has all but worn away over time.

One thing we can determine is that it looks VERY old.

Joze, I'm curious to know what you mean by a "signet filligree BRACELET"? Could you provide a little background history about this piece and if could upload a photo of the front of the bracelet in a follow-up submission.

A Signet RING is a type of finger ring made with a signet or a SEAL and used from early times for the purpose of authenticating a document by impressing the seal. In Ancient Egypt these kind of rings were in the form of SCARAB rings or a ring with a gemstone (usually blue such as turquoise) with a gold hoop with a flat bezel engraved with a seal or set with an engraved gemstone cut in the shape of an Ancient Egyptian Scarab Beetle.

The Scarab was kinda special, it was in fact, highly symbolic and represented light after darkness or everlasting life. Utilitarian logic and natural cosmology combined. The Greeks and Romans followed suit and came up with there own signet ring derivations, but I haven't ever come across a signet BRACELET before.

We will assign the photo to this original post as quickly as possible. Please use "Silver Hallmark - Close-up" in subject headline.

Thanks for writing to us.
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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