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makers mark
by: jo

arrow through a heart is german from about the early 1870s up to 1970s factory burnt down and was rebuilt after the war. hope this helps.

Testing Silver
by: Anonymous

Hi Jennifer,

" i have what looks like a plate to make dentures. it looks like silver and has the hallmark of an arrow with feathers on one end that goes through a star. having a hard time figuring this out."

Interesting find. Determine first the metal content. Silver is soft as far as metals go. If it was used as some kind of forming tool I imagine a stronger metal would have been used. White metals, may contain tin, lead, bismuth, antimony and cadmium. Because white metal has a low melting point it is almost impossible to repair.

You can purchase a silver testing solution from a jeweler's supply store for less than $10.00 The color the solution turns when placed on an area will tell you the percentage of silver. Sterling silver will turn a dark red while 800 silver will turn brown.

We try to focus on marks on antique jewelry in these forums so you might like to try What It's Worth 2 You for further assistance. A photo of the mark will help the expert ;-)

best wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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