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My pearls
by: Anonymous

I have 3 necklace,1 is single strand,116 white pearl with silver clasp,then the double strand,cream in color,each has 75 strand and an 8 strand rice pearl necklace,white & pink in color.

Selling this pearl
by: Angel

Does anyone know where I can go and sell this single Mikimoto pearl in San Francisco?

Selling this pearl
by: Anonymous

Can someone please advise as to where to begin or where to go to sell this Mikimoto pearl.

I appreciate any and all advice.


Mikimoto Pearl
by: Anonymous

Good Morning Angele

A Mikimoto pearl?

Mr Mikimoto, a marketing genius, stamped his own name onto Cultured pearls, for instance, everyone has heard of "Mikimoto Pearls" today, but "mikimoto" or the Mikimoto signature, is not stamped on each Pearl :-)

If it's a Cultured pearl, you have a beaded Cultured pearl produced in Pinctada fucata (martensii), the Akoya pearl oyster. Akoya pearl oyster Pinctada fucata (martensii) is used extensively for pearl culture in Japan, China and other areas. The name "Akoya" is the Japanese name for this pearl oyster (Mikkelsen, P. M., 2003).

Best Wishes,


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