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Value of Smokey Quartz
by: Ryan

Hi Jill sounds like a spectacular looking ring!

I can comment on the value of the smokey quartz which is part of the equation; most of the commercially faceted Smokey Quartz available today is not GENUINE Smokey, the stone might well be natural mined smokey quartz, but it is often irradiated to obtain the color.

There is genuine natural Smokey Quartz around that has not been irradiated and color enhanced, and there is a collector's market for it. As for the commercial market, I imagine most people either do not know or care if the quartz has been irradiated or is genuine untreated smokey quartz.

The color of the smokey quartz and the size will affect the value to a large extent. Pale (almost colorless to 15% tone) to light Grey to copper/Citrine. Smokey quartz this color can be valuable, especially when cut into a large spectacular design. The grey is less valuable and usually as the material gets a smokey Citrine color it is more valuable. The smokey copper color is considered the best and has the highest value. The dark smokey quartz is less valuable.

Cheers Ryan

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