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Two 5 point star stamped next to VA 14K on diamond hood earrings
by: Dallas

Hopefully, the photos show.
I have a set of diamond hoop earring with 4 stamps on it, not including the karat stamp. I can't make out the one is to the far left but then there are clearly two stars the letter VA then 14K.
Trying to get info on what the stars mean, has anyone seen this before, and what is the letter or symbol before the stars. And what VA stands for.
Thank you.

Star stamp grading system
by: Trevis

haven't heard of that before, not on jewelry. Star grading system on jewelry....What pieces have you come across with the star grading stamp mark please? Thanks Trevis

by: Anonymous

There is a Star Stamp Grading System with 5 being the highest and rarest and of course more valuable and collectible. I have come across a few 1 star pieces but nothing higher as of yet.

Photo Requested
by: Yvonne

Hi - is it a star or a X. The latter was used for imported wares. Depending on the type of shield it was in; the shape will tell you what metal, grades of metal (if gold) import and dates. Could you upload a photo of the mark in a follow-up submission. Thank you

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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