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Natural & Cultured Seed Pearls
by: Anonymous

Seed pearls are very small round pearls like your tiny pearls Phyllis, they can be pearls of natural and cultured pearl origins and technically seed pearls weigh less than 1/4 of a GRAIN. When set in old jewelry, they were sewn with horsehair, cat-gut or very fine silk thread. Good Luck!


World's Tiniest Natural Pearls
by: Penny

Oh my - they are tiny pearls, if the diameter is only 1 mm. I think they must be the world's smallest natural pearls!

I haven't ever heard about pearls this small before. I believe the Akoya clam produces the smallest cultured pearls that range in size from 2 mm to 11 mm. At their smallest size - 2 mm that's one heck of a small starter bead they insert into the oyster.

natural pearls - on the other hand at any size are rare and highly collectible. 1 mm of solid nacre. Good idea to get them restrung. It would add to the value and you won't lose any of those tiny precious pearls.


Swimming in Small Natural Pearls
by: Yvonne

your tiny natural pearls sound exquisite. They couldn't be cultured pearls due to the size of the bead nucleus being much larger than 1mm, especially in the early days of cultured pearling.

The drill hole must be so minute! Being multiple strands of pearls of this super small size, you must be literally swimming in natural pearls! Lucky you.

Are the pearls a round shape; are they white, golden or cream colored?

we do have contacts with some lovely pearl ladies here in Adelaide who may be interested in tackling this job.

For further assistance, please use the contact form and check the "pearl threading" box.

With Best Wishes,

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