Swedish Antique Wedding Band?

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Hi there Guru,

I recently bought my wedding band with my fiance. I wanted an antique, rose gold band and found one that fit perfectly at the store. The dealer said he'd loupe it for me and came back saying "its swedish, turn of the century". He showed me the triple-crown hallmark and said "that's swedish or finnish, i can't recall which".

Well, I'm of the opinion it's neither. Or if it is, its not the typical swedish gold mark. After some cursory investigation, I think the hallmark is all wrong to be swedish. Let me describe the three hallmarks:

From L to R:
A "DB or "OB" in a cartouche ( the "B" might be an "8"; three crowns arranged two on the bottom, one on the top; a cartouche with a "C" in it. The C is somewhat enlongated horizontally.

The arrangement of the crowns, and the fact that they are not in an oval or a trefoil make me wonder what the heck they are. The crowns are freestanding, with nothing encircling them. They are not as sylized as the swedish crowns I've seen either.

Anyway, i'm excited to learn a little about the history of the ring. My guess is the two characters are the date stamp, but until I know what country they're from, I can't figure how old it is.

Also, as the dealer is not a jeweler specifically, having a legitimate hallmark,he told me this ring was actaully gold. Now I'm wondering if the "C" might stand for Copper or something. I'm not wearing it yet, so I couldn't tell you if it discolors my hand.

Anyway, any information you can give would be awesome. It's super hard to find any information on this, and everyone seems to think the only hallmarks out there are greeting cards or british.



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