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Is the Ring - Platinum?
by: Anonymous

HI Lee, thank you for writing in with the following hallmark question:

"i have acquired a modernist ring with a strange mark in it. I wonder if you could help? It's silver in colour but i think it is platinum, the marks read 125045 pl 54 any help would be appreciated. Or a point in the right direction thank you."

Platinum is a silver metal with a slight greyish caste. Platinum is often confused for silver. The weight is a good indicator. Platinum is heavier than silver.

When jewelers create jewelry, gold, silver, platinum and other metals are used. The metals are mixed with other alloys such as nickel, zinc and copper. To test your ring there are a few things you can use, including acids and electronic testing equipment.

Platinum is more expensive than gold and because is it heavier an identical ring made of gold or silver would weigh a lot less.
Older Platinum jewelry is usually 100% platinum or 90% platinum and 10% iridium ( iridium is a member of the platinum group).

Some of the the common designation marks are:
950, platinum, plat 10% irid, although pl is not as common I am leaning towards platinum.

If you are Not testing jewelry on a regular basis, your local jewelry can acid test the metal for you. As platinum is the most expensive of the precious metal used for jewelry making, it is worth the small cost to have the ring tested.

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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