by Frances
(New England)

I like old rings. Period. My favorites are the "flush" settings (pretty sure got THAT right!)

The ring am thinking about buying is quite lovely and a bit more than can afford; however, that doesn't always sway me...

It is described as "very sparkly...a genuine antique from the Edwardian era. It has four small, diamonds in a carved band."

I am fairly certain it's Victorian, not Edwardian, but onward!

The mark "18" is a freebie, but that's about all I can tell from these markings. The seller (who didn't want to provide the photo) doesn't seem to know an awful lot, either.

I tend to purchase what I like (when I have the money, which is not as often as I'd like!), not really paying much attention to hallmarks - however, last year I bought a so-called "genuine antique" (is there another kind?) and even I could tell it was a reproduction.

P.S. have the very odd sense that I may know more than the seller (an area jeweler, of sorts).

Would truly appreciate help with these hallmarks.

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