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Signed Tiffany
by: Vicki

Also remember that "signed Tiffany" does not make it Tiffanys Jewelry. Vicki

Tiffanys Jewelry
by: Anonymous

Hi Bob thank you for your question. Sorry to rain on your parade but are you sure it is Tiffanys Jewelry? The photo of the mark is not clear, it is impossible to identify. I'm sure you are aware that there's quite a considerable amount of counterfeit Tiffanys Jewelry.

A quick call to your nearest Tiffany's would clear this up, and you'd hear it from the horse's mouth. You could simply say you received a bracelet as a gift and the stamp reads xxx. You noticed this is different from the former Tiffany's stamp and wanted to know if it was authentic, and a new stamp, or if it's a Tiffanys counterfeit.

best wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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