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Valuation for GIA Certified Natural Pearls Necklace
by: Anonymous

Hi - wouldn't we all just love to see an image of this strand of Tiffanys pearls, if possible! You can upload up to four images in a follow-up submission - just type "Tiffany's Natural Pearls" so that we can assign quickly to your submission.

Seeing you have the GIA certificate that certifies the pearls as Natural pearls which is the most important step - you might like to start, by getting an expert valuation done by the experts here.

best wishes,

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

Tiffany's Necklace | STUNNING!
by: Anonymous

There is an absolutely exquisite Tiffany's Necklace comprised of sapphire gemstones here..

Tiffany & Co and NATURAL PEARLS
by: Anonymous

Well, what an astonishing Natural pearl acquisition! And accompanied with a Natural Pearl GIA authentication.

Natural Pearls and Tiffany & Co have a very special relationship. Many people do not know that from its founding in 1837, Tiffany & Co. have been internationally renowned as a purveyor of Natural Pearls. Charles Lewis Tiffany (1812-1902) who was the founder of Tiffanys Jewellery dispatched Dr. George Frederick Kunz (1856-1932), who was not only the company's but in fact the world's preeminent gemologist to acquire the finest pearls for Tiffany's clientele. In 1908, Dr. Kunz authored "The Book of the Pearl", which is still regarded as the definitive reference source on the Natural Pearls.

You can read more about Natural Pearls here....

Regards Pete
Antique Jewelry Investor

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