Treasure Hunt Rings

by Melvern
(Sanok, Poland)

Ring 1a

Ring 1a

Good evening and thank you for alowing me to ask questions on your forum.

I found these two rings on our resort in Poland.

Both have the markings for Soviet Gold post 1958 but I need your help to identify the other markings.

Ring 1. (Two marks)

1 st mark: 6MN
2 nd mark: W + Soviet Star + 583.
This ring is set with a stone that resembles a Ruby (8ct)

Ring 2. (Three marks)
1 st mark: X-6
2 nd mark: .OD
3 rd Mark: P + Soviet Star + 583.
This ring has a solid gold top that resembles a trinket.

I attach 3 photos to help with the identification.

Kind regards

Melvern Young

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