Trying to Identify a Gold English Makers Mark...

by Serena
(Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

On the inside of my ring from left to right there are 5 hallmarks (the first is hardest to read): AH & MC?, Crown (England), 18 (purity), sideways anchor (Birmingham), and a scriptive Z (1848).

I believe I've identified all of the hallmarks except for the maker's mark, so therin lies my question. I've been searching online for lists of the makers who were active during 1848 but have had little success. I was wondering if anyone might be able to tell me what maker this may have been and a little about them, or might know where I'd find a more comprehensive listing of the makers as I've not been able to really find anything close to these initials.

The makers mark is crooked on the band and it seems that the last letter is virtually non-existent, so I think it could be a C or a G or an O perhaps, but the rest are very clearly AH & M… within an oval. Any knowledge would be very much appreciated. It's a little mystery that I've not fully been able to solve!

And to make matters worse I am unable to provide a picture of all 5 hallmarks anymore. I recieved the ring as a present and had it re-sized as it was too large for me on most of my fingers. I went to a jeweller my family has been to many times and trusts (trusted? after this latest mishap I'm not so sure...) and I asked the
man to do whatever he had to do but not to for any reason touch any of the hallmarks as the ring was very special to me as it was both a present and a very old beautiful piece of history.

He said he understood and said he'd do his very best. Meanwhile, he later told me he'd fallen behind on some of the work he needed to do and his son decided to be "helpful" and so grabbed a bunch of the rings waiting to be sized - mine included - and sized them for his father. Well I'd not mentioned anything to the son as I'd never met him, and guess where, of all the places, he cut the ring to size it. That's right, right smack dab in the middle of the hallmarks. Luckily (I guess) the only hallmark that was removed/ruined was the makers mark. All the other 4 are still in tact. I was very upset, and having not taken a picture before giving it to the jeweller to have it sized, wanted to try and identify the hallmark if at all possible still, while I still remember how it looked. I could still provide a picture of the remaining 4 hallmarks if that might be of use - please let me know if that would be helpful.

Any answer you might provide, even if it's just your best guess, or a list of possibilities, I would really really appreciate your help!

Thank you in advance,

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