Trying to Identify a Hallmark on 14k rings

by Sandy

.15 Round center - 7 old cut .03CT each Diamond - NO MARKS

.15 Round center - 7 old cut .03CT each Diamond - NO MARKS

1. The first is a ring with six (6) 1/4CT Yellow Sapphires (I with .22CTW Round diamonds across the top and bottom - wide band - 4.9 grams gold. The ring is marked with both 14k one one side of the band and a designer's mark that I have yet to be able to identify: looks like <> set inside a shape/hexagon that surrounds it. I don't know the age of this ring. I think that it is more contemporary - has never been worn, so looks brand new. Wondering if there is a designer that uses that particular mark.

2. The next is a vintage ring (from mother's estate - but not sure if it was grandmothers) diamond and rubies (3 rubies -ranging .55TW marque cut - have been told they may be Mayanmar), with 4 .02 diamond accents. The band is marked 14k and has, what I can only describe as an Italicized W that loops around into an almost closed circle/oval. The mark comes right before the 14K, so I believe that would be the right way, but if you turned it upside down it would look like a Script Captital C that connects to an Italicized M.

The marks are too small for me to get a good picture of. Even through a magnifying glass, I had to really get the light right to see them!

3. The last has NO MARKS - but I have included a picture. This was tested 14k (acid tested) and I was told that rings over a certain age may not have a hallmark, so wanted to know if this would be the style of such a ring!

I don't expect a value - just tried to describe as detail as possible in case that would help - the style/mark. Trying to figure out which one's worth holding on to!

Really hoping you can help. Thanks in advance!

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