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by: Anonymous

I received raw pearls that went from Japan to Germany. I think that these pearls were used as payment from Japan to the Germans for the war.
When the war was over I think they were looted as the person who gave me a few stated that the person who originally had them has passed away and had these pearls stored in a warehouse since after the war. He has hundred of boxes.

William Spector Pearls
by: Linda

I too have the same set, they come in a blue fabric shell shaped case.

They came back with my step-father from Japan when he was in Korea in the late 50's.

The William Spector is a dealer I believe, there is an address right under his logo

251-Come Ichigochi'shiba Koen Minao-Ku Tokyo, Japan.

Question about pearls
by: Marilyn

I also have a pair of William Spector Fine Cultured Pearls that my husband bought for his mother during the Korean War when he was stationed in Tokyo, Japan.

Does anyone have any information on them or what the value would be. Thank You


This item should be appraised by an expert in pearls in person. If you would like further assistance, please contact here.


One Hundred & One Pearls
by: Yvonne

Hello Jose

William Specter could be a retail jeweler. If anyone has any information on "William Specter" please leave a comment and help us shed some light on Jose's 101 cultured pearls.

With Pearls, the quality and condition mean everything; the pearls being in a box does indicate that the pearls have been cared for. So you are off to a good start!

Cultured Pearls, unlike Natural Pearls have been Nucleated by Man. You can find more information on Cultured Pearls Here...

Thank you for contacting and I hope you enjoy every one of your 101 pearls!


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