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Thank you Mia - Mikimoto grading Pearls
by: Yvonne

Thank you, Mia for your insights on the Mikimoto pearl grading system and inventory numbers - this information will be very helpful to the many visitors who own Mikimoto pearls and uncertain what the numbers on the tags means.

Some years ago, I was informed by what I thought was a reliable source that Mikimoto pearls were not always marked in the early days, when the company first started to produce the pearls. The M in the clam shell signature on the clasp was not present - Mia as you worked for Mikimoto would you be able to confirm (or refute) this for me?
Kind Regards

Top Line of Tag is an Inventory Control #
by: Mia

Mikimoto holds the Highest Standard of Pearis still today.

I am sure you may know The Bottom line on the Mikimoto Inventory Tag means the Pearls are on a very slight gradation from 7mm to 7.5 mm,
and the Mikimoto Grade of Pearl is an A1.

Mikimoto Grades their pearls as such:
AAA highest
(They are "grading" based on a "Round" Pearl, because
Baroque Pearls may have types of Texture Imperfections on the Surface..)
The "Grading" is based on Surface Imperfections & Luster...

A1 being the lowest "quality" they will carry... Which is NOTHING to pout about.
They are still Gorgeous, and the Best of the Best.

Always Show pearls on WHITE.
(not beige, not even off-white Background...)
This was The Very First Rule I learned from the Company Mikimoto some Years ago...
Whether Displaying, Selling, or Listing your Pearls on Internet, Always use White.

Could it be a date?
by: Anonymous

Lucky you! They are beautiful pearls Gisella - I'm just wondering...did your ex give them to you around 1975 by any chance? Could the top line be a date perhaps?
Just a thought.

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