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W&G ring
by: Anonymous

Hello, I’ve got this W&G ring then it has a crown then next to that it says 375 then it looks like a sidewards anchor then a curly D. The whole ring has a white stone in the middle then around it 8 blue ones. I would be great full for your help.

Most likely: Wilson & Gill
please read the thread

Syn/rubbed on ring
by: Anonymous

Hi I have a ring with a large blue emerald cut stone
Markings w & G 9 looks like it was an oblong box with possibly 375 in but really rubbed out then anchor and letter N
it is a size K - k 1/2
on the other side of the ring letters SYN / THEN RUBBED


Wilson & Gill
by: Anonymous

Good Evening Emma

hope you are having a great weekend in sunny Leeds!

I can't see the initials inside but the ring looks old

W & G are British Jewellery Manufacturers

1. Wilson & Gill - SILVERSMITHS & RETAILERS London from 1892 to the Present.

2. The Lion in the ring is most probably the Lion Passant for Sterling Silver
UK - on .925 STERLING SILVER - ca 1831 - Present 1831

*The Lion Passant is the walking Lion with his right paw raised and all the others are on the ground.

3. Anchor - possibly registered the mark in Birmingham?

Thanks for writing in Emma!
Best Regards

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