Watch fob mark

by Terry McMahon
(Phoenix, AZ)

I have a watch fob that is either gold or gold plated ( I don't know which) that has two marks (a crescent moon and a five-point star) on the latch portion. There are no other marks that I can find. the chain is 13 inches long and is composed of links that are each 8 mm long and 6 mm wide. Any idea on who the manufacturer might be?

It is attached to a coin silver pocket watch that has "AW CO" in a shield and the numerals 9229 on the inside of the watch dial cover. On the backside of the watch is a cover and then a second cover, on the inside of which are three marks ("2 1/2" inside a square, "9229", and an "A". On the brass(?) works are the numbers "2524116" and the words "saftey pinion", "STERLING" and Waltham, Mass." I think this was made by the American Watch Co of Waltham and that the 2524116 may be a serial number that could be used to date the watch, but I don't know how to go about checking it out.

I will appreciate any help you could give me on either of these.

Terry McMahon

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