Watch-face has Thistle Emblem

by James

I have a hand watch that was give to me by my dad. I cannot make up my mind whether it is of any value.

It is silver in color. It has no face cover. The rear is of patterned flowers round an area that looks as if it's a badge shape in the centre.

It needs two keys to get it to work (not available). It has symbols on the inside of the closeable lid. a lion walking to the left. a straight down anchor. a gate type symbol?( hard to explain)

A circle with a poor defined mark in the centre of the 3 symbols. a circle with the letters F P in the centre
numbers that are difficult see accurately, but I think they are:

I am uncertain but the emblem on the front of the watchface looks like a THISTLE.

I cannot see a company name anywhere and it also could do with a clean up. I am very sorry if I am wasting your time but I am curious by nature.
Kind regards.

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