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opal stones
by: jimmy

I got a whole suitIcase full of stuff from what looks like a scientist, it is very old because the paper is rotted. Many of these stones can be opals. They look totally different from raw to finished. Google opal and look at some of them, maybe you can tell by that. Most of this stuff he referred to as specimens.

Where in PNG?
by: May

Sessie where did you find them? In PNG? is there a flat surface on one side? Very pretty - May

by: Anonymous

Hi. Very pretty. They look like stones that would be placed in a vase with water and flowers.

Glass stones. One side may be flat.

I hope that helps

your stones
by: Jimmy

I am not sure, but I have 2 stones that look much like them. I recently purchased a number of old stones and fossils and they were in it. This collection is so old that the paper that the scientist use was mostly deteriated. These stones were taged by an acheoligist. By his terminolagy.

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