What Company Does my Hallmark Represent? Id. 131

by Denise Perks
(Lakewood, NJ , USA)

I have a lovey pink gold ring (very asymmetrical and nicely done) with diamonds and 'rubies' which I believe to be from the 30's. I have no information just that I bought it some time ago because I loved it. It has a hallmark which consists of an 'A' inside of a form resembling a bell. On the left side of the "A" it reads "14' and on the right side "K". On the opposite inside of the band there are the figures "A6920". I have tried on numerous occassions with no success to find out who the maker was. No jeweler has any clue. I love this ring and would be very interested in knowing any history on it if possible.

Thank you very much for your time.


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